javascript pro needed for consumer mobile startup

javascript pro needed for consumer mobile startup


Job Description

We are a startup working on a consumer mobile app and we need some help pushing to our first release scheduled for early Feb. On our team we have me, one full time engineer (Ruby and some JS) and two part time engineers (Ruby, JS, HTML, and CSS). We have been working on this product 6 months so the most main pieces are in place already. We are finishing out the features for our launch in early Feb. I confess our code is not well documented and not the cleanest but we do have a defined scope of work, clear operating process (Pivotal Tracker, HipChat, daily conf calls, toggl) and a friendly team.

Your role:
We need you to be the javascript expert for this project. Your job would be to implement remaining features, test, fix bugs, refactor, and suggest then implement improvements to make the user experience as fast and seamless as possible. We'll need you to document your code clearly and test it thoroughly. We may ask you to help with HTML and CSS if/when needed, but your focus is our front end javascript logic. You will be a critical member of our team and we'll treat you that way.

We'll be launching on both Android and iOS in early February. We are pushing the limits of what can be done in a mobile app using web technologies. Can you help us create an app that our users don't know is web tech and not purely native?

Our stack:
Javascript (we try to use as few frameworks as possible to keep it fast)
Ratchet (
Angular ( hybrid framework (
Amazon S3

- available _at least_ 25 hours a week (30 or more is preferred, 50 is great :)
- in North America, preferably EST zone
- have taken the Elance test (not self scored) for javascript 1.8
- have more than 3 jobs (prefer multiple larger projects)
- must have 4+ star reviews
- be a good English speaker and writer
- attend our daily calls at approx. 11am EST
- track your work in Pivotal Tracker in real time
- be available on HipChat for as much overlap as possible with our current team
- have your own dev equipment including either an iOS or Android phone
- can switch from the big picture down to the details and back again
- effective problem solver with a focus on efficient and elegant solutions
- plays well with others and enjoys being on a team > no ego
- bonus: HTML experience, and have taken the Elance test
- bonus: CSS experience, and have taken the Elance test
- bonus: Ruby experience, and have taken the Elance test
- bonus: iOS experience, and have taken the Elance test
- bonus: Android experience, and have taken the Elance test
- bonus: hybrid app experience (PhoneGap, etc)
- prefer individuals as opposed to companies but companies ok

The minimum budget for this first project is $5000 and I plan spend this quickly on the right person. This project will start asap (next Monday 01/07/13 anyone?)

If your speed and quality are good, and there is cultural fit, it is highly likely there be more work for you, with a larger budget. We also may offer to hire you on full time as a core part of our team with competitive pay, equity, benefits, and work remote capability, working with a great team on a fun app you'll use yourself.

Please let me know why you think you are the best candidate for this project.

I welcome your application and look forward to working with YOU.

Skills: english, test, amazon, benefits