mud IRC bridge

mud IRC bridge


Job Description

The goal is to write a mud chat <-> IRC bridge.

I want the admin of the mud to be able to choose any public IRC channel and have its contents forwarded to the MUD's chat channel, vice versa (MUD chat content forwarded to IRC).

MUD player 1, MUD player 2, IRC user, all 3 people should be able to chat to each other via this mud <-> IRC bridge.

MUD player 1 appears as user "Name1_MUD" on IRC. IRC user appears as "Name_IRC" on MUD chat channel.
When player 1 types something on MUD chat channel, everybody on the IRC channel should be able to see it.
When someone on IRC channel types something, everybody on MUD chat channel should be able to see it.

Most of the code has been written already (for another MUD), but needs some modification to make it work on Dead Souls:

Other relevant links:

Payment is made at completion of job, after it been tested to work on my computer. In otherwords your code needs to execute properly on my server before payment will be made. Code that does not deliver my description above, will not be paid for, regardless of hours spent.