php and / c#

php and / c#


Job Description

Developer familiar with php.asp and c# required to write project that loads contacts from email address contact lists.

This open source php code is for connecting to the contact email providers from:
This allows you to conect with many sites, but I only need about 6 procviders (just the main sites).

(option 1) I need to be able to load the contacts in page, so it would probably best to use something like Phalanger.

(option 2) Although another option could be to use php as IIS is set up to run php pages so that might be an option, but would need to be able to comunicate with the existing application so the contacts can be displayed on an page after they are loaded in.

The application code can be developed in a separate project stand alone project (which i will intergrate into my existing site). So the look of the GUI is not important just as long as the code works.

The completed application should run on IIS my dedicated IIS server. So i will need to know any settings that need to be made on the server for the completed application to work.

Either Fixed price or Hourly rate quotes (for hourly quotes please give rough estimate for hours otherwise I will remove you the applications)


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