scrape + research phone number + address from URLs

scrape + research phone number + address from URLs


Job Description

i have a list of 2000 URLs

the data is in an excel sheet.

so far, i have the following fields.

1) company name (100%)

2) company URL (100 complete)

3) business facebook page URL (100%)

4) address (50% - i have the Country, State, and postal code. need to
get the street address for the entire database)

5) phone # (0% - i need to get ALL of the phone numbers for each compay)

6) twitter account (0% i need to get each companys twitter account)

7) email. (0% i need to get at least 1 contact email for each website.)

looking for a person with automated scraping tools that can take care of this.
your software / bot would visit each url and search for the various information.

Skills: research, twitter

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