small ajax + WP plugin

small ajax + WP plugin


Job Description

I need a quick WP plugin or function. Basically, I need to import data from a CSV file to WP custom fields (I can do it myself, mentioning it just in case you consider it's better to do it yourself). This file has stores names and its locations. What I need is just a simple search form that looks for fields from that file within a geographic range. Simply put: user enters a zip code and the script looks for all the stores in that zip code OR a given range (5 miles, 10 miles, 20 miles). I have the zip code list and distances, so it's a really simple task: grab the distance and display whatever is in that distance by latitude/longitude. If you need to see it, something like (click on "buy" link)

Additionally, if you can output those results to a Google map with markers as well, that would be great. Not strictly required, but if you can do it, please mention it

That's it. A similar WP plugin costs $19-25, I'm willing to pay more for custom stuff but let's keep it realistic. No payment in advance. No results=no payment. If you have issues with this, please don't apply, I'm tired of newbies and scammers and I won't pay a dime unless you deliver EXACTLY what I need. Period.

EDIT: I also need an Age Verification script based on Day of Birth and Country (thus, for each country there will be a different age to be accepted). See as example. If you have issues with alcohol, THIS JOB IS NOT FOR YOU.

Skills: import