software with membership section

software with membership section


Job Description

Here is what I am looking for is someone to design a Membership type site that has a affiliatte type sign up and integrates into aweber for the sign up for the owners of the site and the lead that goes to the person promoting it.

What we are wanting is for it to be $97 product, inside to have some categories and training videos. It needs to have a section that shows everyone people that have signed up.

we want it to have a 7 day trial period and then after the trial period they get paid. it is to be setup with a Merchant account that payments are instant and attached to the payoneer master card

We want it to have plr products and be able to do updates. also to have a support section that has knowledge based stuff and someone to be able to send a support ticket with tracking.

we have a similiar system that you can model and look at.

Skills: design, training, software-development

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