twilio, php script and wordpress plugin

twilio, php script and wordpress plugin


Job Description

i have a couple jobs i need done and would like to get them all done by th esame person for one price. here are the details:

job 1
need to get 800+ photos and metadata from slideshowpro API and upload into a WP website

we can discuss a couple of different options for this. i need something to download all the images via API, sort them into album folders and create an xml or csv file that includes the image info description/title/etc. then i need to upload this data to a website. each photo will be used to create a new custom post in a custom post type, with the title, description, featured image and some additional custom fields. the custom post types and fields are already created, we just need to map them correctly. you can derive a script to download the images and data and then a separate plugin to upload the data to my theme, or can build one plugin that does it all. you can view slideshowpros API documentation here:

job 2
need a gravity forms plugin built that will post form data to my worketc (or zoho) CRM

must post to my CRM account via API in order to create a sales lead. the plugin will need to pass all form field data as well as some hidden fields that are generated by another plugin called infogeniuz (which gathers analytics data via google cookie). i will create all of the fields in the CRM, we just need to make sure the form fields map correctly to the CRM fields. work etc API details are here:


modify a twilio tracking script and send data to CRM

I have a call tracking script that utilizes the twilio API to get call recordings, from number, duration, etc and logs them on a local database on my server. i would like to modify this script to include a transcription of the call (using twilio API) and also post this data to my the same way as job2

please bit on all 3 of these jobs as 1 project. requires experience with API utilization and php