web proxy + additional functions

web proxy + additional functions


Job Description

I need a proxy-script which will be used to let my customers browse any web-pages through it. It should handle any css/js/ajax requests correctly so that customers see exactly the same page as they open it in browsers without this proxy.

The http://lirnet.ru may work as good example.

Additional functions:

1. I need a panel with input for URL and button. Customers put their link into input field and press button. The opened page will have panel at the top side and entire web-page after the panel. Customer can click on any link at the page and input field at the panel will reflect changes in URL. Exactly the same behavior with the http://lirnet.ru/.

2. The view of the panel must be easy customizable so I can change the appearance by modifying template.

3. I need the proxy-script to launch a plugin-script depending on URL it loads. The plugin-script should be able to parse loaded page and place some controls into the panel.

For example: customer opens amazon page with jeans on it. I want the plugin-script to find article, size, color, cost ... options and place them into the panel. After the customer has made his choice he puss button (which name has changed to BUY) and all options and URL should be send to predefined URL.

Skills: amazon